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In an effort to eat at home more (and thus saving moo-lah), I am taking back my home kitchen! Eight years ago my husband and I opened up a restaurant and that seemed to take me more and more away from my home. I love cooking! I really do :-)

I used to make great dinners and desserts at home, before kids and definitely before the restaurant. Now I am working in more meals at home and I am starting simple with crock pot recipes.
I can put one on, head to work and when we come home, dinner is done! You can do the same whether it’s sports practices and games or piano lessons.

I love that my crock pot has a timer and when it’s completed it’s ‘time’ it turns to warm so I don’t have to rush home. My new crock pot (thank you honey!) also has a thermometer probe so I tell it at what temp I want the meat to cook to and then it turns itself to warm. I have found these two features VERY helpful! I hope you find something that can be helpful to you too.

And oh, find yourself some crock pot liners, SO worth the money! I get mine at Wal-mart (with the other bags/plastic wrap/cooking bags, etc.) for $2.00 for four. Enjoy!

Reece’s Peanut Butter Pie
Banana Milk Chocolate Chip Muffins

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